Lab safety!

By: Sandra baskar

Lab safety

Being safe during a lab is #1. You always want to make sure you are ready and safe for a lab. Check out these tips below to be safe during a lab!



Always wear goggles when you work with mostly any lab, especially the ones that include fire, chemicals, and glass.

Mixing chemicals!!

NEVER mix chemicals just to see what happens. Only mix chemicals unless your teacher says so!

Horseplay in the classroom!!

You don't want to play around while a lab is going on. If you are playing around you could hit one of the items on the table and break it!


Girls need to tie their hair up when doing a lab. Pull your sleeves up if they are hanging loose. Always wear closed toed shoes, like athletic shoes, no flip flops!

Smelling unknown material

Only smell chemicals or any substance if your teacher tells you to do so. If you do smell a substance, waft it.

Burning flame!!

Never reach your hand across a burning flame! You could hurt yourself! If you do, inform your teacher immediately.