Internment Camps in the U.S

By: Torri Miller

Who was in the camps and why were there camps!

When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, President Roosevelt put 120,000 Japanese that were living in the U.S in interment camps. Roosevelt thought they were spying on the U.S and reporting it to the Japanese. So they were sending them to the camps. They were housed in barracks and had to used communal areas to wash their clothes and eat.

How many camps were there?

There were about ten different camps in the U.S. The ten different camps were Topaz, Poston, Gila River, Amache, Jerome, Rohuid, Minidoka, Manzanar, Tule, and Heart Mountain.

Some pictures of what they did!

When it happened

This is when it happened

It happened in 1942 because of the Pearl Harbor attack. They thought the Japanese living in the U.S were spying on them. They were issued to the campy February 19th, 1942.

Where did it happen

Most of the camps were in the desert. There were high and low temperatures there. The high was near to 100 degrees and the low was near to -30 degrees.