Homework Term 4 Week 5

Due Friday


Write your words out once each day on your spelling homework sheet.
  • Red: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten
  • Green: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fraction
  • Blue: operation, measurement, estimation, equation, geometry
  • Rainbow (Challenge): tessellation, perpendicular


  • Red: Two cats each had four legs, so all together they had eight legs.
  • Green: Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are the four mathematical operations.
  • Blue: We did not have an accurate measurement so we needed to use our estimation skills.


Play spelling games on spellingcity.com/katiesteele/

Comment on the blog spelling page with a story that includes all your spelling words.


Read each day and have a parent sign below:
MONDAY: ______________TUESDAY: ______________
WEDNESDAY: ______________THURSDAY:________________


Complete worksheet on the back.
Time yourself saying your 11 times table each day and record the time below:

MONDAY: ___________________TUESDAY:__________________

WEDNESDAY: _____________ THURSDAY: ________________

Extension: Do the same for 8 times table

Optional: Play Mathletics or go to 'Fun Stuff' on the class blog and play some games to practise your addition skills.


  • Try the Week 5 challenge on the class blog - there are three research questions about transport to answer. First to comment with the correct answers will win this week's prize.
  • Good work to Monday's person of the day: KURA! Today you demonstrated perfect listening skills, great effort with subtraction problems, enthusiastic dancing and a well written, creative letter!