Book Report

Finding Ruby Starling

Written by Karen Rivers

IB Attitudes

Ruby is caring because when her mother found out Ruth was alive her mother was crying and Ruby comforted her.

Ruth is very curious because when she saw pictures of Ruby she wanted to know if they were really twins.

Delilah (Ruby and Ruth's mother) shows creativity because she's an artist and has great ideas like statues and painting.


You can't just not forgive someone for something they've done. It is important to know why they've done what they've done in order to forgive them. Sometimes things are done to help other people.

Main Problem

There are two girls named Ruby and Ruth. Ruth is trying to tell Ruby that they are twins, but Ruby doesn't believe her. Ruth emails Ruby pictures of herself, but Ruby thinks Ruth is photoshopping. Once Ruth finds out that they are twins she will not forgive her birth mom for giving her up for adoption.
Ruth and ruby

Final Solution

The main problem is solved when Ruby looks at pictures of Ruth and sees how look alike, but still a little different. And then she believes her. Ruth forgives her birth mom after she tells Ruth why she left her in America.
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Opinion of Book

I rated this book a 5 because it is very exciting. I could not wait to find out if Ruth went to England to meet Ruby