Tech and Science Weekly

May 9, 2016

Tech Tip of the Week

Tech Checkout Procedures

Tech Checkout/clean up (burn CD and clean out user folder and any

pictures or videos on the Common Folder/email cleaned out) – Denise has


Tech and Science Signatures – Mrs. Domingo and I will be signing check out

sheets. (Please make sure all items are complete before you email Denise.)

Sign Up to Use the Science iPads or the Dell Laptops

  1. Click on the link 1/5/2016 - 5/30-2016 (iPads)
  2. Click on the link 2/9/2016 - 5/30-2016 (Dell Laptops Cart 1)
  3. Click on the link 4/15/2016 (Dell Laptops Cart 2)
  4. Click on the link 4/15/2016 (Dell Laptops Cart 3)
  5. Enter your school email address
  6. Sign up for the date and time you want (if you would like me to assist with the lesson - email me before you sign up to see if I am available)

Tech and Science Highlights

This Week in Science 5/2/2016 - 5/6/2016

Review and Reteach

Science DCA - May 17, 2016

Kinder - Review and Reteach

1st Grade - Review and Reteach

2nd Grade - Review and Reteach

3rd Grade - Review and Reteach

4th Grade - Review and Reteach