By: Calista C


A wild fire is a natural disaster that is really bad. It can cause extreme damage to houses, buildings and homes to animals that live in trees. A wild fire usually occurs in a hot or dry area that is plentiful in trees.

A Natural Disaster

A natural disaster is a a disaster that can cause life loss, deaths of animals, homes destroyed, buildings destroyed and so much more. there are many different types of natural disasters like wildfire, hurricanes, tornados, tsunami and floods.

A recent wildfire in Austraila

Dozens of homes and farms have been destroyed by fire in the Australian state of Victoria, on the day of 2/09/14, as fire crews battle to contain the state's worst bushfires in five years.

Australian public broadcaster ABC News reported at least 206 homes had been destroyed across the state, with most of the damage occurring in the northern Melbourne suburbs of Mickleham and Warrandyte, according to the Country Fire Authority. Most all of the animals that lived in those trees died but a few lucky animals lived like Bling the koala who has many burns on his ears and back. He soon will recover and be placed in a Australia zoo.

The picture above shows what a wildfire can do to a family. This family is suffering and about to drown this family is also trying to eat a package of lays chips whichis not enough to last them for a while. All of this drama was caused by a wildfire.