MOY MAP Results

Gifted Identification

Students receiving a 95% or higher in reading and/or math are identified as gifted and talented.


What does MAP tell us about our students?

To determine which students are newly identified as gifted using MOY MAP, look at your class list, sort by RIT score, and look for the percentile column. Any student scoring 95% or above is identified as gifted in that subject area. However, newly identified students do not receive services until next school year. Following the close of the testing window, identification letters will be sent home to families notifying them of the testing results.

Below is a chart that shows the MOY RIT scores that are needed to reach the 95% and identify as gifted. Gifted students do not have to re-identify with each MAP testing but it is ideal for them to remain close to their qualifying score.
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These charts show on grade level scores for MAP.

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Questions To Consider

  • Did the GT students in my class exceed, come close to, or fall short of the GT identification score?
  • What content do my students need beyond their grade level content to stay at or above the 95th percentile?
  • What content do my gifted students need to have reinforced to get back to the 95th percentile?
  • Do I have students that are close to scoring in the GT identification range?

Content Needed to Reach the 95% on MAP May Include Concepts and Skills Not Normally Taught at a Given Grade Level.

Now is the time to consider what content your GT and advanced students may need to learn in order to stay within the gifted ID range, qualify as gifted on the winter MAP test, and most importantly, be appropriately challenged. To reach the 95th percentile, students must be proficient with concepts that may not be taught in an assigned grade. It is important for teachers to be aware of concepts that will be assessed at the higher levels on the MAP test. By providing our high achieving students differentiated content they will have the opportunity to be successful and show growth on future MAP assessments.

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