Olinda Updates

March 12, 2023

What's good, Olinda families?

Here are your updates for the week of March 13th through the 17th!

The MPR opens it's doors for breakfast at 7:30 am- please do not drop your students off before then. All breakfast and lunch menus can be viewed through the district's Meal Viewer app located HERE. https://schools.mealviewer.com/district/WestContraCostaUnifiedSchoolDistrict

This will show you all the schools in the district, and all the meals on offer. Great for when you have more than one kiddo who may want to get a lunch that day, or pack their own. School meals are based on counts we do daily in the classrooms so our lunch services clerk knows exactly how many to make. This makes sure there is a hot meal for all those who ask, and cuts down waste. Remind your student that if they change their mind when they see the food in the cafeteria, it may take food away from another child. While we always have enough on hand to make more, it takes time to cook the meals and students may miss out on their recess. Look over the menus and plan ahead whenever possible.

The PTA's ASEP classes begin this week! When signing up for classes the schedules were posted, and when welcome emails were sent out, the schedules were included. You are responsible for knowing when your student's class is, when it lets out, and to pick them up on time. Please share this information with your child care providers or other afterschool folks. All of the classes have different start and stop times each day, add an alert to your preferred planning set up today.

There is also a PTA dine and donate day set for Thursday evening- follow the PTA here on ParentSquare to see more PTA news, and check out their website! https://olindapta.org/

Rain is forecasted for much of the upcoming week. Please remind your students to follow school guidelines on staying out of the mud, out of the puddles and dressing for the weather. Putting your child's first, and last name as well as their teacher's or their classroom number will help greatly in returning any umbrellas, sweaters, or lunchboxes to them.

Should the power go out for longer than two hours, the superintendent may send out an alert to the affected school letting them know if an early dismissal is in order. Keep your phone ringer on and make sure your voicemail can receive messages .

March first the district's Covid-19 response procedures changed- please read up on them here


ParentSquare is the official District communication app. we send weekly updates through ParentSquare that connect to texts, emails, phone calls, the school webpage, Facebook and even Twitter. Download the free app and get all of your messages in one spot. https://www.parentsquare.com/

Be good, and be good at it!

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