The Comanche tribe

By: Caroline Stapleton

Where did they live and how did they live?

The tribe lived in the rocky mountains and the southern plains of Texas. Their adaptation to region they lived in was they had to fight with other tribes and hunt for their food they never hunted for before. Some of their survival methods are becoming fighters on horse back also they were well known as good traders. Some of the clothes the leaders wore were fine European clothes.

type of food they ate and how their food was obtained?

Besides buffalo meat the tribe ate small game like rabbits, fish. Also nut and berries and pottatoes. How they got thier food was by hunting on horse back also found the small game near the river.

Some of the Comanche tribe

More facts about the tribe!

types of dwellings they lived in and weapons and tools they used.

They lived in a tent like house known as a teepee made out of buffalo skins, they lived in these homes to follow the buffalo herd. For there weapons they used bow and arrows also for war they used those including spears and shields made out of buffalo skins.

The comanches

The Comanches was a well known tribe that lived in Texas and were known as good traders.