The Hunger Games Mockingjay

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(setting) The Capitol

The capitol is the final setting in the Hunger Games Mockingjay. It is the lair of President Snow and is also where his exception takes place. The capitol has been rigged like the games with death "pods" around the city.


The conflict in the Hunger Games Mockingjay book is when district thirteen along with the survivors of tweleve have to go in to the capitol. They have to try to kill President Snow and release the winners of the previous games.

(symbolism) The Mockingjay Pin

The mocking jay pin represents the hope of all the districts. The hope is that they will over come the capitol like Katniss did. She did this when she defied the odds and won her first hunger games.

Book Recomendation

I enjoyed this book. It is full of action and sadness. I would recommend this book for anyone who wants a good fantasy/drama. It is about a girl named Katniss Everdeen who has to go into the capitol and save her fellow winners. I thought this was a good book and a great series. This book is for theses who are naturalist and want to learn more about how to survive.