Spiritual Adoption Program

14 Weeks of Development

"Little One"

Happy Divine Mercy Sunday!

What a beautiful day to celebrate Christ’s goodness. Our Lord is so abundant in love and mercy! He has the power to forgive us of our sins, and heal our wounded hearts. Through intercessory prayer, in bringing forward others’ intentions, we can ask in a special way for Our Lord to shine His mercy on those who are lost, in doubt, and living a life of fear.

On this day of mercy, let us call to mind all the mothers who have had abortions and are now suffering spiritual, mental, and physical afflictions. May they open their hearts to Christ’s love and receive His mercy and divine healing.

At 8 weeks, your spiritually adopted baby is called a “fetus,” which means, “little one” in Latin. The brain is fully functioning, and 40 sets of muscles in the body start to become functional and are movable.

During the third month, your spiritually adopted baby can suck his thumb! The baby is also able to squint, swallow, and move his tongue. At approximately 14 weeks, the baby is the size of a clenched fist. The baby is also starting to grow some hair on his head, and the baby will start to leap and jump around the womb as muscle movement becomes more refined and controlled.

As we reflect on the development of our spiritually adopted children, let us thank God for the miracle of life and continue to pray for our little ones and the protection of their lives from abortion.

Have a blessed Divine Mercy Sunday!

For Life,

Teresa Cuesta

Respect Life Ministry Student Coordinator

Pray for Life Network Student Liaison