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Illuministar Announcements

Illuminate Resources Website

Bertha and Christy are working on building out a Illuminate Help Website that will become a one-stop-shop for all Illuminate questions, guides, training materials and other resources. Check out this overview of all the different ways you can create an assessment. Please check it out, bookmark it, and send us your feedback!

KASTLE Kourtyard

KAI, KAO, KCCP, Prep and KSOL already have all kinds of assessments showing up on their Assessment Dashboard (Exit Tickets, Diagnostics, Quizzes, etc.)! If you or your teachers find that your Illuminate assessments are not showing up in KASTLE, be sure that they are following the correct naming convention! If you are having trouble logging into KASTLE, email helpdesk@kippla.org so that we can help you out.

Innovation Coordinator Announcments

Want to check to see what you have already done or what is coming ahead?

Please Review the IC Expectations Timeline

Opportunity for Our Kippsters

We are searching for student panelists for this year's Innovation Day (to be held on January 21st, 2017). Is there a Kippster you know who'd like to speak about technology and innovation?

Use this form for to view the application and submission guidelines. Reach out if you have questions.

Lauren Quient is now on maternity leave! Please email Elisabeth DiCarlo, edicarlo@kippla.org, or email the helpdesk for Innovation support.

We'll miss you, Lauren, and we wish you the best!

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