Calling All Mystics

*Special February Offerings at LI Kula Yoga*

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"Then the seer abides in Itself, resting in its own True nature."

Yoga Sutras of Patañjali 1.3

Welcome Kula,

Ready to EXPLORE, DEEPEN & DISCOVER who you really are?

This February we are offering a variety of programs, classes and workshops specifically designed for the Mystic in you. The 'Mystic' is a student or practitioner who thrives on poetry, inner exploration and contemplates the meaning of life through all experiences. A healer, teacher, or guide, the mystic is always up for exploration and diggin' deeper.

If you are a Mystic at heart, then February is your month! Our center will be

jam-packed with offerings for Mystics. This February we are offering Shamanism, Reiki Healing, Energy Medicine, Ayurveda, and of course our amazing Yoga classes.

This winter we are also offering a Therapeutic Exploration into the physical, subtle and somatic body with a special workshop for the Lower Body called, Yoga Bodyworks. (Details below).

Since I am a Mystic at HEART, I am beyond STOKED to be offering our beloved Kula a safe space to explore and DIG DEEPER. Looking forward to seeing all of you very soon<3

Peace, Love & Namaste'


~Desiree Sparrow, Program Director (aka your fellow Mystic Warrior;-)

~Mystic Offerings at The Kula~

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What is a Mystic?




plural noun: mystics

  1. a person who seeks by contemplation and self-surrender to obtain unity with or absorption into the Deity or the absolute, or who believes in the spiritual apprehension of truths that are beyond the intellect.

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Shamanism~Classes & Workshops:

*Introduction to Shamanism Workshop w/ John Gilroy, Shamanic Practitioner

Journey into another Dimension

When: Tuesday, February 17th

7:00pm – 9:00pm


Shamans are often called "seers" or "people who know" in their tribal language because they are involved in a system of knowledge based on first-hand experience. Shamanism is not a belief system or religion. It's based on personal experiments conducted to heal and obtain information.

Shamanism is one of the oldest Spiritual practices on earth. Originally practiced by all indigenous cultures, it continues to this present day. Using Indigenous techniques, we will learn how to sit in Circle, Center ourselves, and Honor Spirit.

Led by the beat of a traditional shamanic drum, we will learn the art of ‘Journeying’.

Come and enjoy this ‘life opening’ experience.


Space is limited, so reservations are recommended. Call 631-803-2438 or email us:

Participation Fee: $40

What to bring:

a. Loose fitting clothes

b. If you have a backrest - bring it

c. Blanket or Yoga Mat

d. Handheld drum and/or rattle

e. Bandana or any loose fitting eye cover

f. Journal & pen (very important)


*Shamanic Drumming Circle the 1st Tuesday of the Month-*Next Class 3/3*

Journey into another dimension with Shamanic Practitioner, John Gilroy.

Basically, shamanic journeying is a way of communicating with your inner or spirit self and retrieving information. Your inner self is in constant communication with all aspects of your environment, seen and unseen.

Shamanic journeying may be undertaken for purposes of divination, for personal healing, to meet one's power animal or spirit guide, or for any number of other reasons. After the journey, you must then interpret the meaning of your trance experience.

Drumming is a simple and effective way to induce ecstatic trance states. When a drum is played at an even tempo of three to four beats per second for at least fifteen minutes, most novices report that they can journey successfully even on their first attempt. Transported by the driving beat of the drum; the shamanic traveler journeys to the inner planes of consciousness.


Space is limited, so reservations are recommended. Sign-up at the studio or call

631-803-2438 or email us:

Participation Fee: $20

What to bring:

a. Loose fitting clothes

b. If you have a backrest - bring it

c. Blanket or Yoga Mat

d. Handheld drum and/or rattle

e. Bandana or any loose fitting eye cover

f. Journal & pen (very important)

~New Classes & Teachers~

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Reiki Trainings:

*All levels welcome...For healers, light-workers, yoga teachers & body-workers*

Upcoming Reiki Trainings:

  • Reiki 2: Saturday, April 11, 2015 $150.00- 12noon-5pm
  • Reiki 3: Sunday, May 17, 2015 $300.00- 12noon-5pm

All Reiki trainings come with a manual & certificate upon completion.

Yoga BoDyWoRkS

Lower Body Therapeutics

with Desiree Joy Sparrow, 500hr E-RYT

Sunday, Feb 22nd 2015


Investment: $40

The Low-Down & Details:

Find Strength & Fluidity in your lower half. This dynamic and unique workshop will give you a different perspective on the lower half of your body. Using traditional and NOT so traditional yoga poses, integrated methods which include somatics, yoga therapeutics & Pilates to map the areas in the body that are stuck or lack strength. We will navigate through the body finding the missing link to your lower body issues and move the body in a way that unlocks your potential from the inside out. Students will experience a physical, emotional, psychological & energetic release.


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Ayurveda with Beth Sparrow

Receive a personalized Ayurvedic Consultations with Ayurvedic Practitioner, Beth Sparrow. Ayurveda offers an integrated approach to mind, body & spirit health. In an Ayurvedic consultation, you will receive guidelines that will support you throughout your life, while addressing imbalances from a truly holistic perspective.

Beth's services will include but certainly not be limited to a Constitution/Dosha Assessment which will include a pulse reading, health assessment and a deep exploration into addressing health &/or emotional issues.

To schedule an appointment with Beth today or for more information call the studio at: 631-803-2438 or contact Beth directly at: 631-764-8151

Give the Gift of Yoga

This Valentine's Day give someone you LOVE a Gift Certificate for Yoga or Pilates Classes at LI Kula Yoga!

We have classes 7 days a week for all levels. Our studio is warm and welcoming and our teachers are amazing; many certified and trained at the 500hr level and beyond. Come join our community/kula.

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