Beware Of Stress!

Ways to find relief

Do you feel stressed? Do you need a day to sit back and just relax and get time to yourself?

Come on down to Down town Mooresville and get free massages, drinks and just relax and listen to music.Most people dont relize they are stressed.  This will help reduce your stress level. What most people don't know is that most stress cases come from family, school, freinds, money situations, etc. But do you know what to do when you feel stressed or even how you know you are? Most of the time the symptoms are anger, or just very strong emothions whether it is hysterically crying or just not saying anything. The consequences of having stress can  be minimal or in some cases life threating.  Your body doen'st know how to take on stress which could cause headaches, fatigue, upset stomach, aniexty, lack of motiviation or focus, etc. But even just exercise, dancing, or just listening to music are all things that can make you feel better in just a few minutes.

Curing stress

Friday, Feb. 14th, 10am

down town Mooresvile

Just bring yourself!