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Welcome to Meltdown Monday!

Today we are tackling a topic pretty much every parent we know has faced – meltdowns. Sometimes they start with a bad attitude and escalate, other times a tear turns into water works, and yet still there are the ones you don’t see coming… when everything seems fine and then BANG!

Homework is the topic of this Tuesday

Specifically how to ease the headaches that often accompany this daily task! Do you have to beg, cajole, bribe or threaten to get homework done? Then you are in the right place!

Parenting Success Tip 1: Assume Best Intention
Parenting Success Tip 2: Success Breeds Success!
Parenting Success Tip 3: Stay Calm!
Parenting Success Tip 4: Don't do it Alone!
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What are you doing for yourself this Wednesday?

Self care – it’s vital, yet overlooked by most parents. The tendency to put your needs aside and focus on your children or spouse is a noble idea, but in the end it’s your family that actually suffers. Today we are talking about why your care of yourself is so important, how it leads to happier, healthier relationships, and how it helps your complex child thrive!! You can download our PDF “10 Tips to Self Care” or watch our training “Taking Care,” or you can simply jump on our blog and read our newest blog posts every hour! No matter how you choose to interact with us, we are glad you are here and hope you enjoy Self Care Wednesday!

Parenting Success Tip 5: Manage Triggers!
Parenting Success Tip 6: Take the Marathon View