Study In courage

by: Kaylynn Beck and Celeste Campos

Inge (Mamma)

These are the reasons that Inge showed heroic behavior

  • She stuck up to the German soldier when he asked to open the casket at the so called great aunt Bertie's funeral and was quick to think and made an excuse so they didn't open it.
  • She also broke sprained her ankle after showing the Rosens the pathway to the boat.
  • Lastly, she helped hide Ellen at her house on the Jewish new year.

Annamarie Johansson

These are the reasons Annamarie showed heroism

  • choose if she wanted to die for freedom
  • had to deliver the package with a possible risk of getting caught and being executed.
  • try to remain calm on the corner when German soldiers stopped them and she did most of the talking


Peter showed heroic behavior by......

  • Helping save the Rosens and other Jews
  • Was part of the resistance which was rebelling against the Nazis
  • Lastly, he told the Johansens about the Germans closing the jewish shops in Copenhagen.