Join the American System!

Hop on the Hype Boat Boat Down the Erie Canal!

Our System is the Best in Town

Need a pick-up? Is your country in disarray? Or do you just need some cash in the bank so you can renovate? Then the American system is just right for you! With our flexible and comprehensive system, this nation will see immediate results our problems. This project is approved by Charles Clay.

What We Offer

  • Higher tariffs
  • Another National Bank
  • Internal Improvements (highways, canals, etc.)

No Need for Sectionalism

Why would you want a system that confines progress to the individual states? Sectionalism is preventing this country's states from working together because of the several state governments that could be established as a result. The American System promotes the ideals of nationalism. If we can trust our federal government to guide this country, then a time of peace will defiantly follow. Do the right thing, and be a patriot.

Help Make This Country Great Again!

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