The Fourth Grade 4-1-1

Week of October 19, 2015

The teachers always say...

Multiplication and division facts should be known at lightning speed! This will greatly help with the understanding of all new concepts in math. Please practice nightly with your child.

Important Dates

Friday, October 23 : Sports Day/Spirit Day

Students may wear ANY sports colors or any sport uniform. We ask students to bring any gently used sports equipment to their MJS Family on Friday, October 23. We will deliver the equipment to Our Lady of Guadalupe School. They are in need of sports equipment for their school.

Nurse Kathy Larson, Family Life Education specialist, will continue visiting our fourth grade classes this week. The kids are enjoying classes with her... she is a wonderful educator!

Wednesday, October 21st-Thursday, October 22nd: Parent/Teacher Conferences. Parents attend this 20 minute conference with your child's teacher. Students do not attend the fall conference, but will be leading their conference in the spring! See you there!

Graded work folders are coming home today, unless you are in 4S then they are coming home on Tuesday. Please look through the papers with your fourth grader and send back the signed sheet.

Harvest Festival

Please be aware of the following items for next week's Harvest Fest:

  • The costume parade will start at 12:00. Each classroom will join in as the parade goes by, starting with Kindergarten. Students will return to their classrooms, where they should be picked up by a parent. Please do not take your child out of the parade line.
  • Parking will be challenging, so take that into consideration when arriving, especially if you are bringing amendments to your child's costume for the parade.


Math: We are working on rounding numbers to the hundred thousands' place. Topic 3 Test will be scheduled after conferences. Stay tuned for more info!

Reading: We are reading The Power of W.O.W., a play about how children can contribute to their communities. They are enjoying learning about the components of a play as well as reading with expression.

Spelling: Words focus on the long O and short O sounds. Test Friday, October 23rd.

English: Students will continue to work on the proper use and placement of quotation marks when writing dialogue. They will also begin work on proper sentence formation.

Science: We are continuing our study of watersheds and the concept of "we all live downstream" and how we can be good watershed neighbors.

Social Studies: Great job on our quiz, everyone! The answer to the bonus question was...Chumash! We will now start our unit on early explorers of California.

Parent Coffee

Thank you so much to all the parents who attended our 4th Grade Parent Coffee. It was great to see you there! We are excited to work with you this year as partners in your child's learning.

Safety First!

Please remember to email the teachers if your child is going home with a friend at the end of the day...especially if they are in another class. Having this information helps avoid chaos at the end of the day and is ultimately for your child's safety. Thank you!