2014 Chippewa Valley Voice

NightShift Entertainment

Do you have what it takes to be the 2014 Chippewa Valley Voice?

The 2014 Chippewa Valley Voice will be searching for the best voice in the Chippewa Valley with DJ Emily of NightShift Entertainment. DJ Dusty of NightShift Entertainment will also be doing a lot of behind the scenes and running of sound for the event. This event will be held at the RedZone in Lake Hallie. 1st Place of the event will win $1000 cash with other prizes yet to be determined! The coaches this year are Nate Forester from the Big Deeks, Monty Leiser from the Cragers, Steve Korn from Fully Loadid, and Willie Moats from Sunset Strip. Come to compete or just come to see the talent that will be performing! There will be audience voting rounds where you can come in and vote for your favorite! This is an event that you do not want to miss!

2014 Chippewa Valley Voice

Thursday, Jan. 16th, 9:30pm to Thursday, May 8th, 1:30am

2071 South Prairieview Road

Chippewa Falls, WI

The Chippewa Valley Voice is held with NightShift Entertainment. This is a search for the Chippewa Valley Voice.

Chippewa Valley Voice 2014 terms and conditions.

· Must be 21 or older to enter.

· You may sing with karaoke provided by NightShift Entertainment, acapella, or bring an instrument to play as you sing. This is a vocal competition.

· Solo act. This means no full bands. You may use people as props or to encourage them to dance with your songs during the contest, but no one else can play or sing with you.

· No fee for the auditions.

· If you come in to audition, you do not get a warm up song.

· Sign up time for the auditions will be 9:30pm-10:15pm. (9:30pm start with bar time, the 10:15pm cut off is real time.) First come, first serve on song selection. No repeat songs in a night. An individual may not sing the same song during the entire competition. No late entries will be accepted during the audition nights.

· Drawing for the order of auditions will be random the first night. If you are involved with a special event held at/with where the event is held, your audition may be drawn later if the event for the place the event is held at is running late, but even then the drawing is random and you still need to be present for sign-up time. If you do not make it the first audition night, you may come back and try the next four weeks. 2nd-5th audition nights the first chances to audition will be given to those who have not auditioned yet. They will be a random draw of order. Then the previously auditioned will be randomly drawn. If a spot is open still after all auditions final night, first to try again will be if present the 1st audition week, 2nd, and so forth.

· The audition is one song. If one or more coaches turn around by the end of the song you are one of the 32 finalists. If one coach turns around, that is your team. If more than one turns, you have to pick one.

· Be prepared. If we accidently select the wrong song, we will start over. However, if it is not your “version” or you change your mind on the song, we will not start over.

· Once you sign up with a song, you may not change your mind. Be ready with your song when you sign up with NightShift Entertainment.

· Each coach will be listening for the voices they want on their team. Each team will have 8 people. The coaches can take as many or little as they would like each night, but are not able to fill the team in one night. There will be at least one spot left on each team each audition night.

· After all the teams are filled, there will be battle rounds. The coaches will pair up the people on their team to sing against each other. The coach will pick either an artist, genre, etc that both in the pair must sing. Each coach will have their own battle night. After each battle they will pick their winner. At the end of the battle night there will be 4 winners and the 4 that lost lined up. The coach will have the chance to make one switch. They do not have to switch, but if they make a switch the person from the losing side they choose can’t be switch with the person they battled against. After 4 weeks of battles we will have a top 16.

· After the 4 battle weeks there is a steal round. All 16 contestants that did not make the top 16 will have a chance to make the top 20. There is a $5 entry. Signup is 9:30pm-10:15pm. Each coach will get to pick one from this night, but they have to choose one that was not on their team originally. The 16 that lost the battles are the only ones who can enter this night. It is optional. Those 16 can choose to be done, or they can pay the $5 to enter.

· The top 20 will sing for the crowd. It will be split into 2 nights. The crowd will be able to vote once per night. If you are a contestant and you come the opposite night, you still will not be able to vote.

· The first results night the top 12-14 will sing. Before the results all 20 will have the chance to enter a drawing for 2 additional spots after the top 12 are announced. To enter is $5 and is optional. Then the top 3 of each team will move on. (This top 12 is not overall for all contestants, but per team) If there are any contestants that entered the random drawing that are not in the top 12 already, we will draw for two more spots if there are two people left that paid the $5. Paying $5 before the results are announced does not increase your odds of winning.

· The finals will be a panel of judges.

· There will be no tolerance for poor sportsmanship. No negative behavior or harassment to other contestants or people will be allowed. If any is found or heard, it will be considered as your resignation to this competition and possibly others contests in the future at the place the event is held at or with NightShift Entertainment. If you are unsure, don’t say or post it. This is the 2nd year for this contest. We are looking to continue improving the event. It may not be perfect or a competition for you, please do not ruin it for everyone else. We have a committee working on the event. Feedback should be provided directly to those running the event. Please formally write your feedback for it to be considered.

· No cheating will be tolerated. Do not try to bribe those involved with the event. Do not try to contact the coaches before the auditions. We want the auditions to be “blind” and fair auditions. Do not write fake names on the ballot. Do not write in people who were not there.

· Contest and auditions each night will start about 10:30pm. Ballots will be handed out to the crowd before the singing for the contest starts. There will be a sign up list to hand out ballots. Ballots will not be handed out during the performances. We will not collect ballots until after all the singers are done with their performances. No early ballots will be collected. If you hand it in early and walk away, the vote will not count.

· Any and all photos/videos/posts will be and can be used to advertise and promote this event, the place the event is held at, and NightShift Entertainment.

I acknowledge I have read and agree with the terms and conditions for the 2014 Chippewa Valley Voice.

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Contact information (optional): Phone number, e-mail, etc. This will be used for the Chippewa Valley Voice.

2014 Chippewa Valley Voice Schedule

Chippewa Valley Voice 2014

Week 1: Auditions January 16th

Week 2: Auditions January 23rd

Week 3: Auditions January 30th

Week 4: Auditions February 6th

Week 5: Auditions February 13th

Week 6: Battle Round (Big Deeks) February 20th

Week 7: Battle Round (Cragers) February 27th

Week 8: Battle Round (Fully Loadid) March 6th

Week 9: Battle Round (Sunset Strip) March 13th

Week 10: Steal Round March 20th

Week 11: 2 Teams (Cragers/Fully Loadid) March 27th

Week 12: 2 Teams (Big Deeks/Sunset Strip) April 3rd

Week 13: Top 12-14 April 10th

Week 14: Top 10 April 17th

Week 15: Top 8 April 24th

Week 16: Top 5 May 1st

Week 17: Top 3 Finals ($1000 cash for 1st) May 8th

NightShift Entertainment

NightShift Entertainment

DJ Emily and DJ Dusty

YouTube: EMusicConley

RedZone - 2013 Chippewa Valley Voice Savanna Monroe Top 3 Round 3 04/25/13