Protect the Jaguars

North America's Endangered Animals

Protect Jaguars from Extinction!

Jaguars are the mammals that once roamed most part of the America. It was also famous for its attacks by killing prey in one bite. However, Jaguar's population is slowly decreasing due to the destruction of habitats and lack of food. Will Jaguars able to live freely in the wilderness, without any harm? Your little help can be meaning saving thousands of this species.

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Jaguar's life start with a birth in the forest. After their birth, litters are blind and helpless. Therefore, their mother stays with them and defends them fiercely from any animal that may attack. Also, young jaguars learn how to hunt by living with thier mother for two years. When fully grown, they have powerful chest, teeth, and jaws (Geo) .


What might have caused these valuable Jaguars to suffer? The main reason for their decreasing population must resulted from hunting for pelts. Besides, commercial hunting for pelts is responsible for the death of 18,000 jaguars (Arch) .In addition, there are still a lot of demands for jaguar paws, teeth, and other products (IUCN). However, in the other hand, Jaguars are fully protected much over its range. Jaguar hunting is prohibited in Argentina, Brazil, Columbia, and many other countries. Therefore, if we could gather up your little help, jaguars can live a better life, in the wild.

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