Emma Winters

Freshwater Biome

Freshwater Food Web

My food web comes from a freshwater biome. The producers are lily pads, algae and water lilies. This means it makes its own food from energy received from the sun. My primary consumers are catfish, ducks, and turtles. These are herbivores. This means he gets his energy from producers (plants). The water moccasins are secondary consumers. Secondary consumers are carnivores that feed only on smaller herbivores. The tertiary consumer is the alligator. This means he feeds on other top level consumers (carnivores). Lastly, the earthworm and bacteria Are the decomposers. The decomposer breaks down dead organisms into fertile soil.

Human Impact

Humans impact this biome by fishing, polluting and boating. By polluting they harm the organisms that live there and by boating they disturb the wildlife. By fishing they keep the population of some fish under control.

Symbiotic Relationships