KVMS 7 White Newsletter

November 2015

7 White Goes To Adventure Aquarium

On Thursday, November 19th, the students of 7 White enjoyed an educational and fun-filled day at Adventure Aquarium in Camden, New Jersey. Students interacted with various species from stingrays to sharks to anemone and shrimp in the Aquatic biome. They also witnessed a mutualistic relationship between the hippos and fish in their habitat. Our 4-D movie, The Great White Shark, gave us valuable information about conservation and safety of these incredible animals. Students and staff had a great day.

Language Arts

In Language Arts class, students just finished reading A Long Walk to Water, but there is still much work to be done! Next week, students will have the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge of the book as well as their analytical skills, as they write a literary analysis. Students will select and analyze what they believe to be the most important factor in how Salva survived his journey through Sudan, Ethiopia, and Kenya, as he fled from the violence of the Second Sudanese Civil War. Ultimately, this unit will wrap up in a couple of weeks, culminating in a two voice poem written from the perspectives of the two main characters—Nya and Salva.

Before the holiday break, students will be introduced to our next major unit of study—writing realistic fiction. In this unit, students will have the chance to channel their creativity as they develop characters and plotlines based in reality. This is sure to be an exciting unit and I cannot wait to begin writing!

In Mrs. McCrea's Language Arts class, we will continue to read A Long Walk to Water into the second marking period. Then follow with writing realistic fiction.


In Math 7 we’re finishing up Unit 2 by working with percents. Students will solve real world problems involving percent. We will then begin preparing for the Unit 2 test that we’ll take before Thanksgiving. Our next Unit focuses on pre-algebra concepts and we begin with solving one and two step equations.

In Algebra 1 we are working in chapter 4. Chapter 4 emphasizes graphing linear equations and functions. Students will re-visit some concepts from last year like graphing in a coordinate plane, finding slope, and graphing in slope-intercept form. They will also look at some new topics like graphing using intercepts, direct variation, and graphing linear functions.


In Science this past month we have worked on experimental design and set-up, as well as our next unit, The Diversity of Life. In this unit, students are studying the classification of living things and how they are related. Student completed taxonomic keys and will soon use those keys to name unknown organisms. As we conclude Chapter 1, students will prepare for a small vocabulary quiz and a unit test following the Thanksgiving holiday break. This week students will continue learning about experimental design and set up by completing the egg drop experiment. Look for photos in our next newsletter!

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions and have a great holiday. skeene@Hatboro-Horsham.org

Social Studies

In Social Studies class we are finishing up our Native American Unit. Students learned about Native American culture regions and explored the housing, clothing, food recreation, and values of the tribes within the region. This was a great chance for students to apply the knowledge they have accumulated throughout the geography unit and truly understand what I like to call the "magic equation:" ENVIRONMENT+ ADAPTATION AND MODIFICATION = CULTURE.

Our next unit of study will be "Explorers, Colonization, and the Original 13 English colonies”. We will learn all about very early American History by analyzing powerful primary source documents and participating in many experiential activities and cooperative learning projects. This unit will an extension of our geography unit and will also serve as a transition to our unit on the American Revolution.

As always, please contact me with any questions or concerns at nmcclure@hatboro-horsham.org and please check EDMODO for class updates and important information.

Student of the Month

Congratulations to...... SARAH PETTINEO. Sarah is the White Team's Pacesetter for November. Sarah has shown how to set the PACE at KV. She and her family have been invited to attend a special breakfast on November 24th to honor her commitment to being personally, academically and civically excellent.

Upcoming Events

7 White Pizza Luncheon - Invited students only - 11/23

Pacesetter Breakfast - 11/24

Early Dismissal - 11/25

Thanksgiving Break - 11/26, 11/27

KV Idol - 12/1 @ 7:00 p.m.

Barnes and Noble Fundraising Event - 12/4 @ 4-10 p.m.

KV Winter Fun Night - 12/11 @ 7-9:30

KV Instrumental Band Concert - 12/14 @ 7:00

KV Choral Concert - 12/15 @ 7:00

Early Dismissal - 12/17 and 12/18

KV Orchestra Concert - 12/17 @ 7:00

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! from the Teachers of 7 White.