Kerry Lavey

you're not the only one

I interveiwed my borthers fiance

What years were you in middle school?


What kind of music,movies,and fashion were popular?

The music was Backstreet Boys,Insink,Britney S, Cristina Agulara. The movies were Finding Nemo,Cheaper by the dozen< Monster Inc . The fashion was Flared jeans.

What were your favorite activities in middle school? What were your hobbies and interest?

Accountant,waitress,watching gymnastic when it was on.

What were your favorite activites in middle school? What were your hobbies and interests?

Gymnastic,and hanging out with friends

What was the best part about being in middle school?

Since 7th and 8th grade were in the high school, it was cool being in the high school kids.

what was the worst part about being in middle school?

More work and Since 7th and 8th were in the high school/ their were more older kids.

How would you desribe yourself?

Tiny, shy and busy.

what advice about growing up would you give kids my age?

" don't let to many things get in your way".

What school did you go to?

Mashpee High School

What pets did you have?

2 cats, 2 hamsters and multiple fish.