4 Amazing African Places

4 great places to visit while you are in Africa

Congo Basin

The Congo Basin is the second largest river basin. The Congo Basin is also 1,335,000 square miles. The Congo Basin is in West Central Africa and most of Zaire, West Zambia, and Northern Angola. That is why the Congo Basin is interesting.

Congo River

The Congo River is formed by waters of the Lualaba. The Congo River is one of the longest rivers in the world. It flows 2,720 miles through Zaire to the Atlantic Ocean. It is Africa`s largest potential sores of water power. That is why the Congo River is cool.

Atlas Mountain

The Atlas Mountains are 1,500 miles from Southwest Morocco through Algeria to North Tunisia. The mountains serve as a barrier between the Mediteranean Basin and the Sahara Desert. The slopes to the north have important farmland and forests. Slopes from the south have rich minarals like coal, iron , and oil.


Madagascar is in the Indian Ocean. It is separated from Africa by the Mozambigue Channel. It is one of several islands in the Malagasy Republic . Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world. There are 4 reasons Madagascar s a good place