Tech Byte

Getting your classes ready with Google Classroom

Back by popular demand for 2017-2018

Google Classroom is an easy way to deliver educational content!

Come learn how to set up Google Classroom, add assignments, notices, and resources; organize units; and even allow parental access. Also learn how extensions can make integrating content into your classroom easier.

Offered at all three buildings.

Dike-New Hartford High School (Barry's Room); Tuesday, September 5; 7:45AM-8:15AM

New Hartford Library/Media Center; Wednesday, September 6; 7:45AM-8:15AM

Dike Elementary Library; Thursday, September 7; 7:45AM-8:15AM case you cannot make it, join the TechBytes 17-18 Google Classroom

Keep up with Tech Bytes resources and topics. (in three easy steps)
  1. Go to

  2. At the top, click Add Join class. (the plus sign)

  3. Enter the class code and click join. CLASS CODE: x2pc4r