Free and Easy

February 2016


This month's Free and Easy will look at 4 areas; assessment for learning, having a plan B, anonymous feedback and Internet safety.

For a look at some other helpful tools, why not check out our Free and Easy database? Either click on the link below or on the FAE Database tab on Blackboard.


Formative is a really nice way of testing your learner’s knowledge, using multiple choice, true/false, short answer or 'show your working' questions. The first three options can be set up for automatic marking. There are two ways in which you can create a test:

The first option can be used if you have a quiz that is already created in Word or PDF format. Be aware it has to be five pages or less however multiple documents can be uploaded. Then the questions can be added over the top of the document. The second way in which this can be done is to create a test from scratch.

When you have created a class and your students are added, you can see the answers as they are being written, which is great for instant feedback. With the automatic marking feature, your students can see their scores immediately or once they have finished the test. - Quick, easy, live formative results in your classroom!


What is a Pocketmod I hear you ask?

A Poketmod is an inventive way of creating a notebook. It is simple to create, all you need is an A4 sheet of paper and scissors, then it is a case of folding and cutting the sheet to make an A7 size eight page booklet. It is also possible to add more pages from the centre of the booklet. Pocketmods are really useful for revision or just to outline key concepts in a topic. Pocketmods also make a perfect plan B, just in case.

If you would like a Pocketmod template click here:

How to fold your PocketMod

Suggestion Ox

Find out what people really think!

Suggestion Ox is an online suggestion box, in which all the feedback is anonymous. It is quick and simple to set up and once you signup you will be faced with 3 boxes. The first is the name of the box, second is where instruction or a questions can be added and the third is 'Additional admin' where you can add the email address of others that will also receive the feedback. Once the suggestion box is completed there is a link that can be shared or it can be embedded into Blackboard.

To give feedback is as simple as clicking on the link and adding your personal opinion, this is complacently anonymous . There is no signing in, just share what you think.

Why not give it a go? click the link below and give some anonymous feedback.

Internet Safety

On the back of Internet Safety day on the 9th of February, North Yorkshire Police have released a mobile friendly website that people can visit. This website automatically detects the kind of phone that you have, and gives you bespoke advice about how to protect your mobile and stay safer online.

Here is the link, use it on a mobile device and follow the step by step instructions:

If you access the link on a computer, you will get a screen that says you are not on a mobile device, but you can still get access to information about certain devices.

Contact us

If you have any questions or suggestions of things we can feature in Free and Easy - or if you have a tool that you love using - let us know!

Drop in to see us in room 1.014A or drop an email to our Digital Facilitator, Steph Hughes using the info below.