Helpful Tech Info

(for the wonderful people at Bonner ;o)

Adding the Library Printer to Your Network

1. At the Start Menu (click lower left corner) choose Devices and Printers

2. Choose Add a Printer (top button)

3. Choose ------> Add a Network Printer

4. At the top of the table on the left side click the bar where it says "Printer Name"

5. Choose Elementary Library LaserJet on P3015 PRINT... (highlight and click the Next button)

6. Click Next again

7. Put a check in the box that says Set as the Default Printer

8. You can now print to the library printer again!

Week at a Glance (first time use)

*Note: Make a folder on your Google drive titled Week at a Glance

If you have been given a copy of someone's Week at a Glance, rename it LIVE Yourname

1. Edit the information on this LIVE copy

2. Under File click Publish to the Web---------> Click the blue Publish button in the pop up box

3. Click Embed

4. Copy the long URL link that appears in the box-------------> X out of the box

5. Log into your school webpage----------> Click Pages in red

6. Click your Week at a Glance page

7. Click Source in the upper left corner of this layout page---------> Paste the link in the blank empty page

8. Change the 768 (in the URL link) to 700 ------------> Click Update at the bottom of the page


Remember that each new week you work in the LIVE copy of your Google Drive and it "feeds" the update to your web page. Every week you will make a copy of this LIVE copy and name it Week 1, Week 2, etc. and save in your folder so you will have a copy of every WAG page you've posted throughout the year.

Adobe PDF Printer Bug

(to be deleted at a future date when no longer needed)

1. With Internet Explorer open-----> Tools-----> Internet Options

2. Programs Tab

3. Manage Add-Ons

4. Show: (Dropdown) All add-ons-----------> Adobe PDF Reader

5. Disable

Twisted Screen Issues on Lenovos

1. Someone has to be logged in FIRST

2. Press CTRL + ALT + The direction arrow keys until you get it the correct way again

Twisted Screen Issues on Other Laptops & Desktops

1. Log in

2. Right click any area on the screen

3. Choose Display Options

4. Choose Rotation

5. Choose 0 degrees

Element Not Found message when opening an app on Windows 10

1. Right click the windows icon in the lower left corner

2. Choose "Command Prompt" (the black box opens)

3. Type start ms-settings:

4. A blue "Gear" window opens

5. Choose System-----> Default Apps

6. Web browser+ --------------> Choose a default app top open a browser (usually Google Chrome)

Texas Treasures~ will not open student book

1. In the URL address area, click the green Secure lock icon

2. Locate Flash and choose Allow

Printing Progress Reports

1. Open Skyward

2. Teacher Access

3. My Gradebook

4. Reports for all Classes

5. Enhanced Multi-Class Progress Report

6. Print (it will que it)--------------> (when the box pops up, click and then it will print)