"The Main Street of America"

Henry Clay, "The Legend"

"The Cumberland Road"

The "Cumberland Road," also known as the National Road was the first highway built in the United States funded by the federal government. The National Road started construction in 1811. The road helped unify the United States by connecting Cumberland, Maryland to west of the Appalachian Mountains. Along the National Road many major cities and industries developed making the "National Road" even more popular.

Henry Clay

Henry Clay was a very famous politician who helped make America what it is today. Before the War of 1812, Henry Clay was the leader of the War Hawks. He and his followers pushed for War against Great Britain. They believed it was necessary. Henry Clay also invented "The American System." This economic system included a protective tariff, a national bank owned by private stockholders, and federal subsides for transportation projects. This economic system helped Henry Clay run against Andrew Jackson as President of The United States. Henry Clay did however not win the election. Henry Clay also came up with the Missouri Compromise, which stated that if Maine went into statehood as a free state, then Missouri could enter statehood as a slave state. Henry Clay was a great political figure although he never became President of The United States