Wednesday Minis

November 11, 2015

Week at a Glance

Friday FORMAL!

Saturday 7pm-9am Girl Scout Sleepover

Sunday 12:10pm Senior Spotlight pictures

Sunday PACE workshop

November 22 Full chapter rotation practical


  • Thursday Sig Nu
  • Saturday Phi Tau Bar Tab

PRESIDENT Jen Mandelblatt

Hi everyone!

PC/ Class Year Meetings: PC '15 we will be meeting at the house on 11/20 at 5:00 p.m. Seniors and PC '13 will be meeting on 11/20 at 6:00 p.m. Juniors and PC '14 we will be meeting on 11/20 at 7:00 p.m.location TBD but probably in Ctown. You must email me an excuse by 11/17 if you cannot attend.

Survey: Please please fill out the chapter excellence survey. It is super short and important and you can earn a point!

Office Hours: I will be holding office hours from 11:45-12:30 and then after chapter for 45 minutes every Sunday.

Much Love in AOT,



Hi ladies,

Get excited about the PACE presentation this Sunday. I may not be there, but Maple and Ali will be <3

If you have specific questions about outfits PLEASE text/email me (570-490-0135) and I will get back to you ASAP :)

Much love in AOT & FMR,



Hey guys-

Don't forget to meet with your outgoing for appointed officers and fill out the form that is actually attached (to the email) this time! If you are holding the same position as last semester have a meeting with yo self and think about some new ideas/ ways you want to improve your position. Once you fill out the form, send a copy to your head chain of command and me!

This weeks chapter will be a PACE workshop so come and have fun!

okay bye!


keep signing up for girl scouts! It's this Saturday November 14th from 7 pm to 9 am

We are watching THE LEGO MOVIE- so get excited

If you can't go there are SNACKs sign ups again <3

PS LIVE IN SISTERS- please try to work the night shift since you sleep there anyways why not sleep downstairs?

peace out girl scout

VP PR Imani Sanders

Hi everyone!

Weekly reminder to send me pics of you wearing your letters today so I can enter you into the pool!

Alana will be taking senior spotlight pics right before chapter on Sunday! So seniors, be there at 12:10 to become famous via the FB!



STANDARDS Jacqueline Pecaro

Hi lovely Kappa Deltas,

Just a few quick reminders:

1. We still need 5 more sober monitors for formal. Thank you to everyone who has volunteer so far! If you do not have enough points for formal, please contact Katie and I so we can work out a compromise so that you can still come to formal as a sober monitor! I'll be drawing from the sober pool tomorrow night if I do not get any other volunteers.

2. We still need 2 more sober monitors for the Phi Tau Bar Tab on Saturday night. You need to be 21 or older to volunteer, and volunteering will take you out of the sober pool for next semester! I'll be drawing from the sober pool of sisters 21 and older Friday night if I do not get more volunteers.

3. Another note on formal: please everyone sign up with a buddy. The buddy system is very important to ensure that we are all safe and having fun at formal. If your buddy or your buddy's date has to go home, then you and your date also have to go home. This also goes for your buddy and her date if you or your date have to leave also. Here are a few tips for Friday night: eat a full meal before going to your pre-games, pace yourself at the pre-games so you can come to formal and have a great time, and eat at formal!

Can't wait to see everyone looking stunning and having a blast at formal!

Love in AOT & Standards,



Two days until formal!

It's time to get those last minute points! If you have any questions or concerns, please email me before Thursday night. Let me know when you complete your points!

I have also created Points Form 13 for you to put anything you would like to add before formal (Sunday, November 8 to Friday, November 13). If it is something you put in points form 12, please do not write it again! You can fill the form out as many times as you want, so fill it out as you participate this week.



PANHEL DEL Erin Powder

Thank you to everyone who went to elections and a huge congratulations to Madeling and Emma on your new Panhellenic officer positions!

Appointed Officer Announcements

Events Chairs - Elise and Erin P

2 DAYS!!!!!!!

Sign ups are closing Thursday at noon. You must be signed up by then even if your date is not!!!!! Any date changes/additions you need to make after this can be emailed to me at elp54.

sign up (different pages for different years):

song request form:

everything you need to know:

  • First buses are leaving at 8:15 and formal begins at 8:30. Please try to be on time to buses
  • Eat before you pregame! There will also be pizza and salad at the venue
  • Bring TWO forms of ID and tell your date to as well. There will be a bar upstairs and they're "donating" beverages to us until the mysterious donation runs out. Upstairs will be open to everyone this year.
  • If you arrive in a car that is not a taxi or bus YOU WILL NOT BE LET IN. This is their policy and it has happened before so just please use the buses or a cab
  • If you get sick on the bus or in the venue we will be fined which means you personally will be fined. EAT MORE THAN YOU DRINK DO IT FOR US AND YOUR BUDDY AND THE BRIDE HAVING HER WEDDING AT LAKEWATCH THE NEXT NIGHT

Can't wait to see all your beautiful faces!


Erin and Elise


Hi Girls!

Here are two quotes to inspire you all this week to love yourself and treat yourselves like the lovely independent women you are, and know that Kappa Delta will always be home. Have a great week and get excited for formal!

Love in AOT,



hellooooo everyone!

so this weekend -

THURS - SIG NU 10PM Rides from Schwartz and the house! Theme: Hawaiian/Luau!


SAT - Bar tab @ Loco's 9PM with PHI TAU!

please go go go go sign up (cmon, i know more than 7 of you guys are going....) -------->



Junior Club Chairs

Junior club chairs Madeling and Marissa

Juniors!! Fill out this super quick googform to let us know when you're free for a fun holiday event! More info to come! Hip, hip, Holi-YAY!


Madeling & Marissa