Trees, Trees and More Trees

still more trees!

Do You Want to Live? Well, obviosly

Of course you want to live! But do you want to make it better? Sure! All you have to do is plant a tree. Simple as that. You say you want to make it even better? That's already awesome but if you really want to make it better, then persuade your friends and family to do the same. And why exactly would this make my life better? We need trees to live and so, if you have breathing problems or one of your friends or family members do, a tree will definitely help! Plant it right outside your window and you will get fresh, fresh, fresh air all day!

Animals love trees

Some animals use trees as homes. So if you plant a tree, you may get animals in your tree!

Animals like birds, chipmunks and squirrels live in trees and that means you are helping not only yourselves by planting trees but you are helping animals and some insects. But even the animals that don't visit trees as much still get the fresh air! So you are helping a lot by planting a tree!

ps. not only trees but other plants too!

Uuuuhhh . . . .

Well, Maybe not all animals . . .. . . .
cats don't like getting stuck in trees but they do like trees like these cats ":":


We presented this to you because we are doing a project on saving tree even though it's not like they are about to go extinct or anything but trees help us and we're not exactly going extinct either(but we will if there weren't any trees. So we are just planting more trees and giving seeds to anyone who thinks they can plant it at their house or maybe their relative's house (if it is OK). To be part of this, ( you don't have to be part of this to get seeds from us) you have to give us 10 seeds of the same plant. You can also help us make trests with fruits if you want. to do it, you have to join first and then you get our list with the recipe (you might not have heard of all of them) if you get the list, you don't have to do it. They are for the members (including the people who bake). We will bake too. If you join, you are helping not only animals but yourselves too!

Invention of The Tree . . . . . . . . .

We are going to invent a new tree by putting two types of seeds together and the same amount. We will do that part and you can help us name it (if you want to) and we have invented a new tree.


Our Whole Plan . . . .

Step 1: We collect seeds

step 2: You give us 10 seeds (save seeds from fruits you eat or buy), if you want to join

step 3: (If you joined) think up of names for new plant and/or bake the treats

step 4: plant seeds in your backyard or give to someone with a backyard (please)

step 5: We change the world( operation change world)

You have to do this to be in the group of . . . . .

The Apple Seed Program . . . . . .



(please) don't have to do this, only if you are in the group

pps. if you don't want to be in the group anymore, you don't have to

Thank you

By Caroline, Manishidha and Yeso