Russian Revolution

Briana Grant

Why & How The Revolution Started!

The Russian Revolution started in 1917. The Revolution was started for many different reasons. Tsar was the leader of the Russia and many people felt he was not doing a good job. He led the army in World War I and they were badly equipped and they lot government support. This sooner led to food shortages that started to raise prices. Tsar eventually left command and left it to his wife Tsarina. Many believe she was bad and was a traitor for helping Germany. The Revolution began by a protest which soon led to a riot beginning.

Important People

Some important people in the Russian Revolution were Nicholas II, Vladimir Lenin, and Joesph Stalin. Stalin is known for being a man who did horrible things. He was the leader of the Soviet Union. Nicholas II was the last emperor of Russia. Vladimir was a communist revolutionary for Russia. All of these people played an important part of the Revolution.

Important Events of The Revolution.

There are many events that led to the revolution and that happened during the revolution. There are important events from the February and October revolutions. Here is a key event from the February Revolution, women were marching on the Winter Palace, this began a series of strikes, bringing down the country. The Provisional Government was also established on February 17 1917, and the Petrograd Soviet established on February 27 1917. In October Vladimir Antonov-Ovseenko leads the storming of the Winter Palace, this signaled the start of the October Revolution on October 25 1917.

Effects of the Russian Revolution

The Russian Revolution effected their government strongly. The revolution ended autocratic rule and helped Russia establish a socialist Government. This made Russia close together and education also reformed as well. Russia began working on becoming a better country.

Was the final result of the Russian Revolution desired from the beginning?

I think it was, only because they started off strong. I think Russia never let their guard down until they got what they wanted. When someone is determined to get something they will do all they can to get it.