Get Whitt it!

If you call one wolf, you invite the pack.

To Nurse or not to Nurse...that is the question...

Please read these suggestions from Nurse Kim. I understand that we are wary of not sending a student when they have a concern, but let's evaluate where we can encourage students to hang tough and not miss class time. If you get push back from parents complaining about their student not being sent down to the nurse, send them to me.

(That being said, let's all use our best judgement!)

Techno Tip

One of the comments that we saw over and over again within our survey results (see responses here!) was that you would like MORE devices, to help ease the stress of sharing & taking turns. Remember that Wylie ISD is awesome enough to be a BYOD district! Kristi Williams wrote a GREAT post about this and how she went from techno fearful to being more comfortable allowing her first graders to bring in devices.

I would like each of you to read her post this week, and via comment, share your thoughts.

Thank you for completing this survey for us, your feedback is so important to take to the table. It is valued, it is appreciated, it is discussed.

Good news that came out of this BIG one was that we do now have an APP solution and should have those up and running asap! Teacher ipads will also have more freedoms (as in you can download/purchase what you want) SOON!!!

Why did Adele cross the street? To say hello from the other side!

Jimmy Fallon, Adele & The Roots Sing "Hello" (w/Classroom Instruments)

Patty's Pontifications

Happy Birthday to YOU!

Teri Burnett Dec. 14

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12/15 6:45pm PTA meeting, 4th grade show

12/16 no PLC's, but come on down to the room! (Wink wink)

12/17- 4th grade show

12/18 Parties, early release