Las Familias de Venezuela

"Vive de tus padres hasta que puedas vivir de tus hijos"

Family Structure

  • extended family (usually grandparents)
  • families are very close
  • they have a lot of family gatherings and help each other in hard times

Child and Parent Relationship

  • decisions are made by the parents
  • children usually live with their parents until they have enough money to support themselves or until they go to college
  • children are expected to help out in the house by watching their siblings or washing dishes and expected to take care of their parents when they grow up

Gender Roles

  • big decisions are made by both the father and the mother
  • father works outside of home and mother works at home
  • more and more women are starting to work outside of home

Interesting Fact!

In Venezuela, the grandmothers are especially respected because they pass on their values to the children and grandchildren.

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