September 2016

What's Happening in PACE This Week?

First Grade

In first grade, we have been discussing creative problem solving. We read Hansel and Gretel, and the students came up with creative ways for Hansel and Gretel to solve the problem of finding food without upsetting the old woman. They came up with their three best solutions and then made a criteria chart to decide on the best one. They have also continued practicing their matrix logic skills.
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Second Grade

Second graders are reading "Weslandia" by Paul Fleischman. The main character, Wesley, is an independent thinker. He starts his own civilization from one staple food crop. The crop provides him with food, clothing, shelter, and even recreation. They really enjoyed this book!

Third Grade

Third graders are continuing with their Logic and Reasoning unit. They are working on discovering who stole Mr. Van Feisty's secret chocolate recipe. They were given a list of nine suspects to investigate, and they determined which ones actually had motive to steal the recipe.

Fourth Grade

This week, the fourth graders have learned about compression and tension and how it is applied to the study of architecture. They constructed their own bridges out of straws. The bridge had to hold the weight of a baseball.

Fifth Grade

This week, the fifth graders have studied the connection between figurative language, poetry, and musical lyrics. They shared and discussed the lyrics to their favorite songs.


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