Teens Fight to Drop Drinking Age

Lauren Stefanski

Why this could be the worst mistake for America

"18 is the new 21"

High school teenagers are looking to drop the age restriction on alcohol consumption from 21 to 18.
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Giving teens 18 years or older freedom to consume alcohol without restrictions will only lead to chaos and abuse of the privilege of drinking. The amount of reckless behavior given off already today with the 21 age restriction would only become more of an issue if the age regulation was decreased.

"Lowering the drinking age will reduce the amount of illegal alcohol consumption"

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Reducing the drinking age opens new doors to those who are 18, as well as younger teens due to the fact that they now have easier connections to alcoholic substances through these younger, legal high school students. If these horizons are broadened and available for teens at younger ages, this statistic could easily become more of an issue.

"Lowering the drinking age will eliminate teens driving under the influence"

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Bumping the age down to 18 would not only increase the amount of people consuming alcohol, but it could also potentially increase the amount of people on the roads while intoxicated. On average, every 53 minutes a person is killed in a drunk driving accident with the law at 21 years of age. Saying the amount of drunk drivers would decrease is very broad and would only harm more people on the roads by giving younger teens the right to buy and consume alcohol freely potentially putting them onto the roads in a dangerous condition.
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Fox News Debate

There are valid reasons to reduce the age found in this video. This is a very controversial topic however and can be seen from both sides affectively.