It's a Mad Hatter Tea Party!!

Come one, come all! And dress up in character if you like!!

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Mad Hatter Tea Party!!

This is just a crazy enough idea to be a whole lot of fun! Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter appeals to all ages and we want you! Come dressed as your favorite character if you like! A little birdie told me some are dressing as Alice, the Mad Hatter, Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dum, the Cheshire Cat, White Rabbit, and maybe even the Queen of Hearts! Let's see how many people we can come dressed up.

Moosic Youth Center

Friday, Dec. 9th, 12-1:30pm

606 Main Street

Moosic, PA

Parking is located behind the building

This event is occurring immediately before the Pep Squad outing at 1:30pm. Make it a double and attend both events!

My cell is 610-389-6306 if you have any issues the day of the event.


12pm - Arrival and mingling

12:15pm - Tea party to include lunch - we will all bring our own lunches along with dishes to share that correlate with the movie - more detail to follow once you RSVP

12:45pm - Mad Hatter Tea Party games and activities

1:30pm - wrap up/dismissal


FREE - we will also use this site as a Toys for Tots dropoff, so if you choose to participate, bring a gift along


1. In consideration of our students with serious allergies, please refrain from bringing nut (food) products or balloons.

2. As always, to limit the spread of possible flu, please do not attend a PA Virtual event if you have had a fever within 24 hours of the event.

3. For safety: All students need to be accompanied by a parent, learning coach or other designated adult. All students must wear shoes/sneakers for the entire school event and please refrain from bringing pets.

4. If there is a possibility of severe weather, please check Blackboard the day of the event in case of cancellation due to weather.

5. All PA Virtual events are tobacco free. Please do not smoke near or around any children or the outing facility.

Purpose: Social & Educational

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will participate in creative expression and dramatic flair
  • Students will learn teambuilding skills and cooperative learning
  • Participants will connect with other students and families
  • Students will develop an appreciation for what they have

Educational Hours to log into OLS:

Students may log 60 minutes in History and 60 minutes in Language Arts