Little Coyote News

September 21-25, 2015

Hello to each and everyone of you. :)

We have already ended our 5th week of school and I can't believe how fast it has gone. The children have been getting to know each other, how to work with each other and learning that being different is great! We will be continuing work on these skills all year long.

Please read below to see what we have learned this week. Have a wonderful weekend!

What Is Going On In The Classroom...

-Our book of the week was called, Call Me Alex. The book was about the first day of school and how the teacher had the children get to know each other. In the book the children were to tell the class what they liked to do and then draw it.

Your child did the same thing! We took a picture walk (we looked at each of the pages to see what the book might be about). We read the book. We talked about what each child in the room liked to do and made a list of those things. Then your child drew a picture of what they themselves liked to do!

-The children also sorted by color, shape and different animals. We discussed how important it is to sort objects even as we get older. We sort money (bills & coins), laundry, books, etc.

-We discussed the difference between uppercase and lowercase (big and small letters).

-We are going over the alphabet. The names of the letter, the sounds that they make and an picture to go with it.

Next week the book we will be focusing on will be, A Color of His Own by Leo Lionni.

Praises, Reminders and Dates to Remember


Thank you so much for the baggies that were donated! We got all we needed for now. It's so nice to know we have baggies!!! :) Thanks again.

Thank you so much for putting your child's name on their items that they bring to school. It is so great to make sure your child has the right backpack and/or water bottle. :) :)


-Pictures came home today. Please make sure to go online if you wish to purchase them. The children came out so well in their pictures. You might want to order. :)

-Texas State Fair tickets were also sent home today. Please check your child's folder.

-Please make sure all money has been turned for the fun run we had on September 11th.

-Please make sure all breakfast/lunch money is being paid online or sent in to me for your child. If your child's account runs out of money, your child will be one choice of a cheese sandwich and milk.

-Please make sure your child has a change of clothes in their backpack. Sometimes children have accidents and we just want to make sure our students are dry and happy. :)

Dates to Reminder

September 30-Custodial Recognition Day-Show any of our custodial staff that they are important! Make a card or a picture for them. They do a lot in keeping our school looking good.

October 2-Popcorn and Punch-these will be on sale in the cafertia for .50 cents each. Yum! This is all brought to you by our CRE PTA.

October 6-8-Fall Bookfair

October-Donuts with Dad-in our cafertia from 7:25-8:00 am

October 9-Student holiday/professional staff development

October 12-Holiday for students and teachers

Well that is it for this week. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs. Staten and Ms. Tiainen