Campus Technology Integration

Lexington Creek Elementary

Where to Find the TA TEKS Lessons in PCG

One lesson plan per nine weeks per subject is uploaded into PCG (D2SC) each grading period. These lesson plans are written by different Digital Learning Specialists and meant to be taught either in the computer lab, in the classroom, or using mobile devices as they are available to you.

Step by Step Instructions on how to access TA TEK Lesson Plans for each subject area (Math, Science, Social Studies, ELA)

Internet Safety Lessons

How have internet safety lessons been going? Please remember that teachers on each grade level are responsible for teaching internet safety lessons each nine weeks. A document is turned in by your principal every grading period to the coordinator of the digital learning department stating that the Internet Safety lessons have been taught.

Some campuses choose to have their librarians teach these lessons. At LCE, the classroom teacher/grade levels are responsible for teaching these lessons. Ms. McMahon teaches Internet Safety in May to all of her library students, but the district wants to ensure that it is being addressed all year.

Internet Safety Resources & Activities

Please remember that I uploaded a lot of these resources to the student Fortshare site that your students will be able to access. If you click on "more links" you will be able to see all of the Internet Safety websites that I added.


SMART Notebook Lesson Modeling

Recently your campus turned in a Technology Plan which included brushing up on our use of SMART Notebook software and using the bank or resources that are found in the SMART Exchange.

I will be on your campus, Monday, March 17 all day to provide model lessons using SMART Notebook software. You don't need a SMART Board, you just need to sign up. I will be bringing a wireless mouse with me to use as an example of something that you can use in your classroom and it is a cost efficient way to have your student interact with the lessons. I will come to you in your classroom with a ready to teach lesson. You do not need to sign up for a particular time. Just pick the time and subject that is right for you.

Sign up today! (Click here)

The early bird gets the worm... Try to sign up under group 1 first. There are two pages. Group 2 will most likely be scheduled a different day (TBD).

** I didn't share this information with 3, 4, & 5 grades when we met for our meeting. Please pass the word if you are reading this.