Fifth Grade Flyer

week of March 16th

Technology in the Classroom

Many students brought in their signed contracts and permission slips allowing for use of home devices at school. Technology can be a wonderful tool for learning when used appropriately. Please be aware that the 5th grade team has set guidelines for students to follow while using technology at school. Activities must be educational and content related. Students are not allowed to record images or sound in the classroom. We simply must be sure that our school environment is safe for all students at all times.

Please check...

We are very fortunate to have a class set of Chromebooks which we share within our grade level. However, recently one of these Chromebooks have gone missing. These Chromebooks are not currently allowed to be signed out to go home. We are currently missing #15. Please check with your student and in their backpack. We would appreciate a safe return of the Chromebooks to our classrooms, so they can continue to be used to support our student’s learning. Thank you for your attention to this matter!

Introduction to Reading Skills: Main Idea/Topic - Episode 1

Main Idea and Supporting Details

We are working on informational texts in reading. Our focus next week will be main ideas and supporting details. Students can view the video to see a short tutorial on finding the main idea and supporting details.
What's Newton's Laws say? (What does a fox say)

Math Newsletter

I have created a flyer specific to my math class. This flyer is math focused and gives homework updates, helpful videos, assignments and links to important websites. I am sill learning how to share it with everyone so for now here is a link to view the Math flyer. :)