Suburban Sprawl


1) 2 main issues with Suburban Sprwl:

exspansions plus low density delopments are 2 main issues in Suburban sprawl.

2) Discuss the negative effects in the enviroment.

Many problems are faced in the suburban sprawl. Many habitats and enviroment are destroyed for wild life. Also it takes down more plants in the ecosystem, making it harder to breath and grow crops in certain areas.

3) What are the main regions affected by the issue?

The metropolitic areas of the northwest are most affected by suburban sprawl.

4) what wildlife is most affected by your issue?

Rabbits, deer, elks, native plants such as the purple sage, westernwall flower, and many other plants are affected by suburban sprawl.

5) How are the wildlife affected by this issue?

It makes many animal species close to exstinction.

"A new study finds runaway sprawl in many metropolitan areas is wiping out essential wildlife habitat for some 1,200 imperiled species and could doom some to extinction. "

-Enviroment News Service

6) Does this issue affect our lifes in League City? If, not could it ever reach our area?

No, the suburban sprawl does not affect League City area. Yes, it could possibly reach our area over time. As the city exspands and gets bigger, people could want more civilization, tearing down natrual habititats and areas.

7) Are people affected by this issue?

Yes people are affected by the suburban sprawl. People become more into the city and want to become bigger and exspand the size of the city, therfore it could harm the habitats of animals and plants even more.

8) Who or what causes your issue to occur?

Humans. Humans cause the urban sprawl due to the exspansion of citys. People destroy natrual habitats everyday without even knowing it.

9) What are solutions that people have come up with for this issue? If there are not any solutions what are people doing to prevent your issue?

There has not yet been a solution, but people are trying to prevent people from exspanding the land in there areas. Trying to make people be resource full, and re-use old builings or other properties.

10) Can your group come up with solutions to prevent this issue?

Yes, we have thought that maybe people can use the recourses they have now instead of coming up with new ones. If new ones are made replace them for other ones.

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