Special Education Department Update

December 2021

Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD)

Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD) offers a range of services to help students with disabilities ages 14+ prepare for post-secondary education and employment. OOD works together with students, families, schools/colleges, and community partners to provide services that promote successful transitions to careers and adult life.

Services may include:

  • Job Exploration of a Variety of Workplace Settings
  • Paid Work Experiences with Job Coaches
  • Soft Skills for Work and Independence
  • Self-Advocacy (request and accept support)
  • Counseling on Educational and Training Options
  • Connection to Ongoing Support Option

If you would like more information on their services or have your child start working with OOD, please don't hesitate to let me know! I would love to get them started with this amazing opportunity!

-Mrs Kristen Costanzo

District Transition Coordinator


Scholarship Opportunities

https://jobseeker.k-12.ohiomeansjobs.monster.com/FundIt/scholarship.aspx is a search engine for scholarships that align directly with students' intended job major!
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Inside The Classroom

An elementary student loves when he can search for bugs during recess. He found a Praying Mantis named Spike, he kept him over a weekend but wanted to release him back into his home.

Winter Activities For The Family

Miller Woods Holiday Express. A special ride on the Little Green Choo through the woods to Santa’s workshop. Enjoy the lighted displays, sounds of the season and possibly a glimpse of the man in red. 6:30-8:30 p.m. Miller Nature Preserve, 2739 Center Road, Avon. https://www.loraincountymetroparks.com

Winter Riverfest. New holiday event along the Cuyahoga River in The Flats will feature synthetic ice skating, festive light displays, a beer garden, fire pits, retail shop and igloo village at Merwin’s Wharf. 11 a.m.-8 p.m. https://clevelandmetroparks.com

Snowland Celebration. Daily snow showers in the Grand Lobby, seasonally themed crafts, festive stories and songs and new this year: a Cocoa Trolley. Enjoy the waterpark, dance parties and more. Great Wolf Lodge, 4600 Milan Rd (U.S. Route 250), Sandusky, 800-641-9653, https://www.greatwolf.com

Gingerbread Journey. With gingerbread people as your guides, journey through the woods along the Nature Trail to learn how gingerbread cookies and cakes are made. Susan Hambley Nature Center, 1473 Parschen Blvd., Brunswick, 330-722-9364 https://medinacountyparks.com

Magic of Lights. Drive through and enjoy more than one million holiday lights stretched across a one-plus-mile pathway, including fan-favorite light displays such as the Enchanting Tunnel of Lights, Candyland, 12 Days of Christmas and other holiday characters. 5:30-10 p.m. Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds, 19201 E. Bagley Road, Middleburg Heights https://magicoflights.com/events/northeastohio/

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Simple Winter Safety Tips For Kids

Outdoor clothing

Parents with babies and younger kids should:

1. Adjust winter clothes for children’s needs. Dress babies and young children in one more layer of clothing than an adult would wear in the same conditions.

2. Keep exposure to the cold at a minimum. Babies and young children don’t have the same tolerance for cold that adults do. It’s important to limit time outside.

3. Don’t forget winter accessories. Remember warm boots, gloves or mittens and a hat, which make a big difference in keeping young children and babies comfortable.

Be safe on sleds and snow tubes

7. Always supervise children. Injuries can occur quickly when kids are sledding or snow tubing. It’s important to keep a close eye on them.

8. Keep away from motor vehicles. Often, sledding hills are not far from highways or roads. It’s important to keep a safe distance.

9. Sled in proper ‘form.’ Kids can prevent injuries by sledding feet first or sitting up, instead of lying down head-first.

10. Find a clear area. Pick a sledding location that is clear of obstructions like trees or fences and is covered in snow.

11. Choose a good sledding hill. A sledding hill should not be too steep, with a slope of less than 30 degrees, and should end with a flat runoff.

Be safe on skis and snow boards

12. Dress in layers. If you begin to sweat, remove layers as needed to stay dry. Wet clothes can cause your body to chill and can lead to hypothermia or frostbite.

13. Wear a helmet. It’s important to protect your head from injury.

14. Protect skin. Keep your skin from being exposed to harsh temperatures to avoid frostbite. Be especially careful with small areas of your body, such as your hands, feet and ears.

15. Be aware of weather conditions. Consider going inside if the temperature drops below 0 degrees Fahrenheit (-17.8 degrees Celcius).

Be aware of frostbite symptoms If you notice your child skin turning red or becoming numb, move to a warmer location and protect them from further exposure. Use warm water or blankets to raise their body temperature.

In winter, there are lots of options for fun. Enjoy the snow and stay safe.


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A Note From Ms. Finkenthal

Hello, my name is Ms. Finkenthal and I am the intervention specialist for 6th and 7th

grade at the North Olmsted campus. In May of 2021, I graduated from the University of

Mount Union with a degree in education. Thus, this is my first year of teaching. I am

thankful that I have the opportunity to do my first year of teaching at Albert Einstein


For this school year, I have been working on skills in both ELA and math. My

students have been working hard on all subjects. In math, we work on doing fun and

engaging activities. I love to make math activities into a game to help engage the students.

In ELA, we work on reading different short passages. We analyze passages by answering

questions that relate to details, main idea, and theme. With the students that work on the

theme, we work on relating the message of the story to our lives. This helps me learn more

about my students and the students learn more about me. Overall, there is a wide variety of

activities that I work on with my students to give them a better understanding of concepts.

There are a variety of different things that I enjoy doing outside of school. I love to

hangout with my friends. I always try to plan one fun thing to do on the weekends with my

friends. In addition, I love to workout. My two favorite types of exercise are zumba and

weight lifting. However, I am not a great dancer (LOL) but zumba is still a lot of fun. Also, I

love to sing and listen to music. My favorite type of music is alternative rock.

I am excited that I have the opportunity to work at Albert Einstein Academy. Being

my first year of teaching, I can say that I have learned a lot already. I love working with both

my 6th and 7th grade students.

-Ms. Finkenthal

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Virtual Program Library from The Arc

Topics include arts, community and life skills, health and wellness, virtual clubs, and more.

Visit the hub to check out the resources we have so far and share it with your networks so it can continue to grow into a robust resource for people with disabilities and their supporters!


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