Weekly Notes, News & Whoo Hoos!

December 4, 2014

Business Update

Giving Back

It was such a blessing to take part in a Give Back this past week with some SED and NEDS in New York City.

The highlight of the trip was being on the Today show plaza as Cindy made a donation of Thirty-One products to the Today Show Toy Drive.

Update your Catalogs!

I have white-out the items on each page that are on discontinued stop sell, will be soon or not available for Christmas delivery. It's the busy holiday time & being that we are all so busy, we don't have time hunting down products for customers. Cross out the items & let your customers choose from what's left. My customers were all totally fine last night choosing from the "remaining" patterns. Great time to start pulling out your cash n' carry at parties.

Just a quick update! Be watching the Business Update on TOT daily so you can stay in the loop for your parties! Don't be discouraged if something goes on the discontinued list. It will happen some in a catalog change. Most of the time, customers are understanding. If you run into something, let me know and I can give you advice.

Also, the call center volume will pick up in the coming weeks. Your wait times may be a bit longer than usual, but know Home Office is working super hard to serve us!

It's a very exciting time and I know this is a first holiday selling season for many of you! If you have questions, feel free to ask!

Ready, Set, Sell!

Submit $300+, $600+ or $1,200+ between December 1 - 15 and earn all these!

You can earn up to $550 in FREE products and $300+ in commission simply by submitting $1,200 in personal volume!

Add on Kit $40

For only $40, you’ll get three new styles, including the All About the Benjamins Wallet on special in January.

You can purchase this kit Dec 1-15 – stay tuned for ordering details!

Monthly Specials


In December, Customers can save on one of five items with every $35 spent:

  • Canvas Crew Carry-All: $25
  • Cinch Sac: $10
  • Baubles & Bracelets Case: $10
  • Littles Carry-All Caddy: $5
  • Mini Zipper Pouch: $5

And, only in December, there’s an exclusive personalization option offered only on the Canvas Crew Carry-All. This style can be personalized with a single letter that’s nearly twice the size for only $10!

We haven’t forgotten your Hostesses either! They can get a Large Utility Tote with an exclusive Stand Tall Insert for FREE with a $600+ party, or they can get the set for only $15 with a $200+ party.

December Surprise Hostess Exclusive--Begins Dec. 1

Beginning Dec. 1, your Hostesses can purchase a Mystery Bag for just $20! The Mystery Bag will include 2-3 products with a total value of at least $75.

Order the Mystery Bag for your Hostesses beginning Dec. 1.

Team Facebook Page

So many things happening this fall! Remember to check TOT: www.thirtyonetoday.com AND if you aren't on our team Facebook page.....join us at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/228021653907909/

We have an exciting busy fall ahead of us and our page will help you quickly answer those questions you may have and clear up any confusion with all the amazing things coming our way!

Kelly Heckert--Senior Executive Director