House Leadership

Maria Hernandez

Speaker of the House

The speaker of the House is the presiding officer of the House and its most powerful.

The speaker of the house of representatives of the united states is John Boehner (republican).

Majority Lerader

The majority leader's job is to help plan the party's legislative program,steer important bills through the house, and make sure the chairpersons of the many committees finish work on bills important to the party.

The majority leader of the united states is Eric Cantor (republican).

Majority Whip

The majority whip helps the majority leader. They serve as an assistant flolor leader. their job is to majority party members invent bills, to persuethem to voten as the partywishes, and to see that party members are present to vote

Rep: Kevin McCarthy

Minority Leader and Minority Whip

The responsibility of these leaders are much like the same as those of the mojority party's leaders but they dont have no power over scheduling