Accountability Overview Session

Specifically Designed for Teachers

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Accountability Overview for Teachers


I am excited that you have chosen to register for my Accountability Overview for Teachers session on October 21, 2016. This session is designed for you to practice your learning throughout the session. You will be challenged to become a reflective practitioner throughout the session. To ensure you get the most out of this session, please read the information below carefully.

You will need a digitial device (preferably a laptop or iPad) to access the resources you see below. We will be referring to these resources continually throughout the session.

You will also need to bring or have access to your student data and copy of a Confidential Student Report for 1 student. Data could include, but is not limited the following resources:

STAAR Data District Benchmarks

(STAAR Data maybe your data from last year, or you current students' data from last year)

Item Analysis Data Six Weeks Assessments

Quintile Reports Campus Data

I look forward to seeing each of you on Friday!

Warm Regards,