Frequently Asked Questions

Mr. Schultheis' Theology Class

How to Succeed:

So you want more information on how to succeed in Mr. Schultheis' class? Have questions or concerns? Here are some common questions (and their answers) I get every school year. Hopefully, this clears up any confusion you might have, at any hour of the day or night.

Q1. Will there be a lot of note taking this year?

A1. For my freshmen, most of the notes that we will take will be done together in class either on the whiteboard and through reading the text together.

For my juniors, I would say 90% of the notes will be provided ahead of time in either a video or in notes to be brought to class. We spend most of our time reading and analyzing scripture or working our way through Church History.

Q2. What kind of homework will I receive?


For freshmen: Typically your homework will consist of reading from the textbook and answering a few questions that go along with it. Many times you will have a section of reading to complete before a quiz. You will also have long term project deadlines that are a large part of the quarterly grade.

For juniors: Many times your homework will be preparing for the following day's class. You may be responsible to watch a 5-10 minute video on the next day's lesson. You may have some reading to complete, and quizzed on the next day. You will also have multi-day assignments that are to be typed and turned in or through Edmodo.

Q3. What do the ** mean on Edline?

A3. If you see a set of ** on Edline, and it lists the assignment as "missing," don't be alarmed! This means that the grade hasn't been entered yet. I like to add my columns to the gradebook as we go, which means I may update before a particular assignment or assessment is graded. That is why they come up as **. If you see a 0 (zero) there, that means that the assignment of assessment has been graded and you received No Credit for it. This could mean that you didn't complete the assignment or you got a zero on a quiz, for example.

Q4. What types of technology will we be using this year?

A4. There are many forms of Web 2.0 tools and technology we will be using this year, either for class material or your service project. We will be using Edmodo in class for blogging, journaling, homework handins and maybe even take-home test taking. You will also be creating projects for class, blogs, collaborative assessments. Many more uses will be explained in the coming months. Internet Access is a must, either at home, or taking time at school to complete the requirements.

Q5. What should I do if I'm absent?

A5. If you miss class due to absence, log onto Edline and get any materials that you might have missed. You can find them in the Folders on Edmodo. I always post any handouts in the Library on Edmodo too, with a link on your feed. All homework is posted, along with quizzes and tests on Edline and Edmodo, if needed. If you need help because you are falling behind, come see me.

I recommend downloading ALL of the notes, handouts, etc, into your Backpack on Edmodo. I will show you how to do this, and I will also make a video showing this feature.

Q6. What should I do if I have to miss your class because of choir, guidance appointment, etc?

A6. If you know that you have a test or quiz in class, you are obligated to come to class. It says so right on the guidance slip that was given to you in the morning. If you do miss class, you are responsible to make up all classwork missed. Make sure to check Edline, and if needed, Edmodo, for your assignment that you might have missed.

Q7. I need extra help. Do you offer tutoring?

A7. I am available to help before and after school in the Religion Office (1st Floor of Xavier Hall). I also have my own classroom in Room 5 (Basement of Fine Arts). We can even have a study session in a virtual Google Hangout. I want all of my students to succeed, but you have to be willing to ask for help! Come see me, and please, don't want until the end of the quarter.

Q8. Do you offer extra credit?

A8. Typically, no. There are enough assignments throughout the quarter that extra work shouldn't be needed. If you are struggling with the tests, quizzes or homework, come see me as soon as you notice the problem. We can get you setup for tutoring with NHS or I can help you. But you need to show the initiative!

Q9. What happens if you are caught plagiarizing or cheating?

A9. One of the first things we will talk about in class is the importance of being a good digital citizen, netiquette, and credibility. It is very important you do not attempt to plagiarize. QUOTE, QUOTE, QUOTE! Especially for you juniors, who are going off to college in a few short years, it is extremely important to get into the habit of quoting and citing your material. Anything that isn't common knowledge should be quoted and cited in any academic paper that you are turning in. If you are ever unsure whether you should quote something, quote it. In college you don't get a second chance when it comes to plagiarism. I don't want to see you get into bad habits, so yes, I am very serious when it comes to this. If you are caught plagiarizing or cheating, your work will be turned over to Mr. Norton and appropriate actions will be taken.

Q10. How are we required to cite information?

A10. Students should use the citation method that they are being taught in their English class. To be honest, I'm not a stickler for one certain method. You could use footnotes, in-text citations, etc. Just be consistent. I will take the time prior to your papers to show you how to cite, etc. This is more focused on the juniors.

Q11. What happens if I have a collaborative project and my partner is absent?

A11. No excuse. All work/projects/presentations are to be saved in your Google Drive which comes with your Google School account (For example: Because we will be using Edmodo and Google Docs, you can do everything online, at different times. No need to rely on one person to carry the group. Make sure you, and everyone else in the group, always has a final copy saved to their Edmodo library or Google Drive.

Q12. Can I use my iPad or Laptop in class to take notes? (BYOD - Bring Your Own Device)

A12. Of course you are able to use your device in class! There are a few rules you have to follow though. When in class, your device should ONLY be used for the task at hand. You could use it for note-taking, digital textbook, digital Bible, etc. But it must be centered on what we are doing in the class. If I feel, as I am walking around the class, that you are using it for "extra-curricular" purposes, I may ask to see your background screens. If I find that you are indeed using it for less than "academic" purposes, you will no longer have the right to use the device in class.

Q13. I'm not Catholic. What should I expect?

A13. The goal of the class, both freshmen and junior year, is to provide a background for the development of the Catholic Christian Faith. As a freshmen, we will be looking at the development of religion in general, along with the growth of Judaism, development of scripture, and the evolution of Christianity. Freshmen year will lay the foundation, which means that we will be learning Catholic Christianity together. Junior year is focused on the development of the New Testament, through reading and interpreting scriptures. This does not require you to be Catholic, but rather intuitive and inquisitive when it comes to understanding why the authors wrote what they wrote. We will also be looking at the Church's history, from Jesus to today. Roughly 2000 years of history that largely coincides with European, Asian and Northern African history.

Applies to Juniors Only:

Q14. As a junior, I need to complete 40 hours of service learning. Can you tell me what is acceptable?

A14. The 40 hours of service are required to be of an interactive nature. This means that you need to be actively interacting with members of a poor, neglected, vulnerable, underprivileged, etc group. Also, the number of hours can be broken up between organizations. In the past, students have completed their hours at Our Daily Bread, Bible School, Confirmation Teacher, Special Olympics, Nursing Homes, etc. If you need help finding a service site, see myself or Mr. Bonham in Campus Ministry, who has a list of sites that MSJ students have worked with before.

Q15. Do you really fail if you don't complete your 40 hours of service learning your junior year?

A15. YES! There are certain steps along the way to ensure you are doing what you are supposed to in a timely fashion. For example, by the end of the 1st Quarter, you must have completed your contracts for your service learning sites. Failure to do this will significantly reduce your grade, even to the point of failing for the 1st Quarter. In the 3rd Quarter, your evaluations for your 40 hours are due to have been completed. If you haven't completed your 40 hours by the end of the 3rd Quarter, you will receive a F for the 3rd Quarter. And if not completed by the end of your junior year, you will FAIL for the year. You must go to summer school and complete the hours to successfully advance to senior year.

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