Wyatt Jarmolowicz's

Self-Improvement poster

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Areas I Need To Work On

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Things I Can Do

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Positive Affirmations I Can Use

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m possible” -Audrey Hepburn Read


To ensure that I have the best health I can every day, I will always eat healthy foods. Also I will be positive if I see someone sneeze or cough on me I will still believe that I will be healthy. Finally, I will never set a a number for how many colds I get a year.


I have suffered "pain" in the past. I expect "pain" in my future. But, I will react to that "pain" by changing my ways. If I feel pain I will start doing something different and not let people or things keep letting me down. What I will gain from that "pain" is end the end I will become a better person. Because I will pain will help me change for the better.



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I want happiness from my life. So, I will need to surround myself with good people. I will also accept pain and change from it. I will also always be positive about my health. Finally, I will appreciate all of the good things that I can do.