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Production of the Nuclear Energy is Revealed!

Nuclear energy starts from the splitting of uranium. All this goes through a process called nuclear fission. In the power plant, fission is used to create heat that produces steam. The steam then spins turbines that create electricity. All this nuclear technology was developed in the 1940's, during the World War 2. Approximately 17% of electricity comes from nuclear power plants. In France 75% of their electricity comes from nuclear energy. But here in the US only 15% of our electricity is nuclear. People in the nuclear industry are trying hard to get people to use their energy! That is the inside scoop on nuclear production!

How it is Used!

Nuclear energy is not just used to create electricity. It is also used for heating, space travel, and even in medicines. Nuclear medicines are used in over ten thousand hospitals world wide!Nuclear medicines are usually used to treat cancer. Millions of people have survived by using this medicine.Nuclear is also used in space travel. The Voyager probes, Cassini Galileo and many other probes were powered by nuclear energy. The latest rover, Curiosity, was also powered by nuclear energy for heat and electricity. The future of Nuclear Energy will be a success if you start using it now! Nuclear News signing off!

Is Nuclear Energy really Clean?

Nuclear Energy is a very clean source of energy. Most people use coal or gasoline, but nuclear energy can prevent up to seven hundred million metric tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere each year.

In fact, it is safer to work and the nuclear industry than in the coal factories.

Nuclear Energy plants use water. But, most of the water used returns to its source. Nuclear energy uses only twenty six to forty two gallons of water each day per each household.

Today in the U.S. there are one hundred four nuclear power plants operating. And they continue to operate without producing toxic gases.

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