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Car accidents personal injury attorneys, as well as judges

Types of Evidence Required for Specific Personal Injury Cases

Thousands of personal injury cases make their way through the nation's courtrooms every year. Some result in damages being awarded to victims while others work out in favor of the defendants. Proving who is at fault in such cases is the key to ensuring justice is served. Determining where accountability lies requires ample effective evidence. Personal Injury Attorneys are tasked with collecting evidence and piecing together all the details to effectively prove their clients' cases. Specific forms of evidence apply in each type of case.

Vehicle Accidents

Car accidents personal injury attorneys, as well as judges and juries, look at a wide range of evidence in such cases. Pictures and videos of vehicle damage, road conditions, and other surrounding details go a long way toward determining fault in vehicle accidents. Businesses' surveillance footage may come into play as well. At the same time, victims must be able to provide records of medical treatments needed for their injuries to help determine whether they were results of the accident and establish the amounts of damages to be awarded.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle crashes classify as vehicle accidents, but numerous additional factors could also enter the mix. Based on eyewitness testimonies, pictures and video, weather conditions, and other elements, Motorcycle accident personal injury attorneys are able to determine whether the person operating the bike or another driver was at fault in a given case. In crashes involving no other vehicles, defective parts may be to blame. Evidence in these instances would be connections to recent recalls, expert examinations of suspected parts and similar measures.

Dog Bites

Dog bites often seem like cut-and-dried cases of pet owners failing to restrain their dogs. Though this is sometimes true, evidence may tell an entirely different story. Authorities consider where the bite occurred, such as on a public sidewalk or in the owner's fenced-in yard. They may ask if the victim was warned to stay away from the dog beforehand. They'll factor in whether he or she was invited into the dog's domain or entered at will without permission. While owners are typically held responsible for their pets' actions, Dog bite personal injury attorneys must prove their clients weren't on the wrong side of the fence at the time of injury.

Personal injury cases come in numerous forms, from work-related accidents to medical malpractice and beyond. Regardless of the type of injury at hand, evidence is crucial to proving where fault lies and how much the victim's injuries are worth. Not all types of evidence apply to all cases, but many are universal.