Confectionately Yours

Sugar and Spice

Author: Lisa Papademetriou Project By: Emily Jones


  • School: Pleasant environment, unpleasant teachers, where the talent show takes place.
  • Café: Warm, inviting, smells like baked goods, also known as home, where Hayley makes cupcakes.
  • Took place during the winter, and it was a great season for the Café.

  • Hayley- Main character, student, parents are divorced.

  • Artimis- Also referred to as Artie.

  • Meghan- Principal's daughter, gluten-free, troublemaker, likes to be in charge.

  • Ms. Lang- Drama teacher, gives detention to the three girls.
Main Conflict

Meghan, the principal's daughter, "borrowed" the smoke machine from the drama department to add a little action to the boring middle school dance which her and Hayley are hosting. Her and Artie were caught at the scene with Meghan when they were caught by Ms. Lang, the drama teacher, who gave the girls detention. With Hayley's life at home, there's a wedding to be planned, but who's? Throughout the book Sugar and Spice, Hayley tries to figure out just who is getting married.


  • Chloe looks at me, her face serious, "Just because someone moves away, it doesn't mean they're gone forever." There's a note of pain in her voice that stabs my heart.
-Why: We realize that Chloe is sad about something and that she shows her emotions well.

  • She's wearing a green knit cap with earflaps, and an enormous pink flower plastered in it. Her long black braids stick out from the sides.
-Why: Hayley doesn't really want Marco to have a girlfriend, and this may potentially be his. It also shows how Tanisha looks and what type of clothing she wears.

  • Now my hands fly to my cheeks, I feel them burning beneath my fingers. It had never occured to me, never. "Oh my gosh, Artie I-"
-Why: This is when Hayley and Artie become friends again, and it shows how apologetic and sincere Hayley is towards people.


The theme of the book Sugar and Spice is hard work will pay off, just don't give up.

How It's Shown: Hayley and Meghan are working as hard as they can to get this talent show pulled off, despite the obstacles on the way.

Figurative Language

  • "I push the word away, and sweep it into the corner of my mind." This is a metaphor.
Page: 75

  • "This is actually kind of fun and it feels good to move, though the icy air is cold in my chest as I drink in deep gulps." This is imagery.
Page: 190

  • "She lets out something that sounds like a growl and turns to blast out the café." This is a simile.
Page: 27