be proud of it !

Since Way Back Then

It goes back in centuries.

Labor has always been essential in an everyday life style.

Our parents, their parents, and their grandparents all had some type of labor to do each day.

Since the begining of time labor was important in order to survive. It went from hunting in order to eat, chopping down wood to build shelter, carrying water from the well, all of those things where needed in order to survive.

Without labor, our ancestors would have not managed to carry out their lives.

Its Hard ! We Know .. !

Yes, we all know its frustrating getting out of bed each morning.

The sound of the alarm is far from music to our ears. Getting out of our cozy beds and warm covers, having to leave our soothing slumber, and our enduring dreams.

It is in no way easy for most of us, sleeping is one of our favorite things to do after a long day. We love to feel our body relax, and feel tranquil.

In other words, sleeping is a blessing.


Define Success

Success, is the achievement of ones goals. Now we all have some type of goal or dream we want to accomplish in life. Wether it be simple as helping your mother buy groceries, to buying an expensive car, effort is essential to reach your destination.

It can be as hard as waking up each morning, but the feeling of proudness you sense when you accomplish your wish is far more rewarding.

Its like a little kid receiving a sticker after completing an assignment at school, the sense of joy the child feels because he did something that he is proud of.

When we get out of bed each day, and put effort at our jobs, and our studies, we get closer to our goals.

You work to earn your paycheck so that soon you'll get the car of your dreams.

You study hard each night so that one day you can be the career you desire.

We Work, We Earn, We Acheive


It does not matter how miniature, or how easy, or how effortless your work might seem, be proud. It can be arduous labor, it can be serene labor, be proud.

Try hard, and be proud of your goal and success.


it depends on you !